How to Pass the ACLS Certification Examination?

Are you preparing for your ACLS certification online exam? If so, keep on reading this article as we discuss to you the best tips that can help you pass this very important exam and to be ACLS certified in the end:

Shadow an ICU/ER nurse for a day

If you’re a registered nurse that’s needed to become ACLS certified, yet you aren’t usually in a situation where you can use your knowledge in practice, then you need to look for opportunities to learn more. Both the ICU and ER are areas where ACLS skills are part of a daily routine. You can try to shadow one of your colleagues to assist you in applying the material you have into practice. Moreover, you’ll be able to pick a nurse’s brain that performs this on a daily basis and learn from one that can help explain and discuss concepts that you haven’t fully comprehended yet.

Always aim for success as you work

If you have already scheduled your ACLS class, keep the pocket size, tri-fold, algorithm charts within your pocket at work. You can purchase this resource separately online or it usually comes with your ACLS book for free. Putting the educational material on your person always will naturally drive you to study more and more. Moreover, it’ll be helpful since you can use it as a brief reference while you’re taking care of your patients. This practice may lead you to be able to establish a connection to the material and the clinical practice, which can extremely help you during your exam.

Determine and master your algorithms

This may be obvious, but this is one of those things that’s usually being forgotten once the material is being done into practice. At any given time during a medical emergency or a cardiac arrest situation, you must be able to respond to the questions: “where am I at my algorithm?” and “what scenario case am I experiencing today?” Moreover, learning algorithms by heart will greatly help you if you’re taking both the verbal and written exams.

Begin to study a few days in advance before your class

If you don’t study before the class starts, then you should be nervous. Expect that the content that will be discussed in this type of course will be advanced. ACLS certification is associated with a lot of needed responsibility and anticipation that you know what to do once you’re in a cardiac arrest situation. During your time taking care of a patient, you must be confident in your skills and knowledge. And if you’re unprepared, somebody’s life is literally on the line.

Search for code simulations online to help practice

One of the best tools and platforms to be used for medical education is YouTube. Even if it has a few pitfalls and is not perfect, this avenue can surely help you pass the skills/verbal part of the exam. Lookup for “code blue simulation” and search for the good and watch a lot of videos about it. Do this for all concepts that you’re interested in and learn from every video you see.