Pass the ACLS Certification Exam with these Test-Taking and Study Tips

Regardless if you are a licensed healthcare professional, a med school graduate, or even a pre-med student, you need to pass the ACLS certification exam. It doesn’t matter if you’re recertified or you’re getting certified, the following tips can help you easily pass this exam:

Grasp fundamental Electrocardiography

Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG) is an exam that yields an electrocardiogram. An EKG gauges the electrical activity of the heartbeat. The electrocardiogram needs placing electrodes onto the skin of the patient to record the activity on a graph. To pass the ACLS certification exam, you need to understand and react properly to the ECG. Utilize an online ECG simulator or you can look for YouTube videos to help you give an idea about this. You can also resort to taking and ACLS exam prep course for help.

Master your T’s and H’s

You can memorize your T’s and H’s with the help of mnemonic devices. You need to learn and master these factors since it is one of the highlights of the exam that’s crucial to passing the test. If you already know these by heart, it just means that you’ve entirely grasped every ACLS algorithms. Everyone represents a potential cause of the condition of your patient.

Memorize proper dosages and meds

In the ACLS Tampa examination, you’ll be asked to determine the right dosages and medications utilized for particular medical situations. Providing the incorrect dosage or medication to a patient can be deadly. This is why the experts highly suggest that you use mnemonic devices to assist you in memorizing such as dosages and meds. Making ACLS mnemonic flashcards can help.

Memorize the algorithms of ACLS

You need to learn algorithms like the back of your hand if you want to pass the exam. The algorithm is a flowchart that will assist you through which procedures you need to follow to treat particular situations. You need to know such algorithms to help successfully save lives as a healthcare expert or as a doctor.

Begin to learn them in advance. Never wait until right prior to your examination day. Other people even have a difficulty in determining the correct learning style to memorize all of them. So, make sure to plan in advance and begin to memorize different types of algorithms today.

Review ACLS case scenarios

You will be encountering a lot of various cases throughout your medical career. ACLS certification will signify that you have the expert skills necessary to do medical procedures associated with advanced cardiac life support.

You need to determine the signs and symptoms of particular situations. Moreover, it’s important to understand the needed procedures to be done in order to treat them. Guarantee that you’ll be reviewing as several case scenarios as much as you can so that you’ll be fully equipped to take the exam.

Answer several practice exams

You can see a lot of ACLSA practice tests online. Take advantage of this free tool to help you be more prepared and to give you an idea of what to expect about such an important exam.